HSE - HSE Policy -


As a company engaged in the energy & resources business, protecting Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) is our most important mission. Proper management of HSE risk is essential to contribute to the sustainable development of society. Declaring and implementing an HSE Policy that is in line with global standards is our responsibility to society and our stakeholders. Our company is actively promoting HSE initiatives in all areas of our activities to fulfill our HSE Policy as disclosed below.
The “HSE Office” is under the direct control of the President & CEO, and these leadership encourages the HSE activities corporate wide, with the aim of preventing incidents and pollution, as well as reducing health and safety risks and possible environmental impacts, by continuously reviewing and improving the HSE Management System (HSEMS).

Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) Policy

Mitsubishi Corporation Exploration Co., Ltd. is committed to a sustainable approach to our operations and activities, and value HSE as equal to other business values.
This involves as a minimum that we strive to

  • pursue the goal of no harm to people and communities
  • prevent all incidents
  • protect the environment and use resources efficiently
  • have a culture in which all personnel share this vision and integrate HSE into their behaviours and actions

Mitsubishi Corporation Exploration Co., Ltd. shall establish, implement, maintain and improve HSE Management System which

  • has a systematic approach to the management of HSE risks
  • applies a structured process to identify, assess and control its HSE risks
  • defines and assigns responsibility for HSE to line management
  • assures the necessary competence of, and assigns HSE responsibilities to, all personnel
  • sets meaningful targets for continuous improvement
  • ensures effective monitoring and reporting of HSE performances
  • ensures appraisal and rewards of personnel for positive HSE behaviour
  • ensures compliance with applicable legal requirements and general industry standards
  • ensures work with JV partners without compromising HSE values
  • requires contractors to be in alignment with this HSE policy